Raffi presentation


Although Dr. Aroian remains an adjunct professor at UCSD, the research laboratory has moved to the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. Please click here to visit our website there!

Graduate students interested in rotating in the lab should contact Raffi by email.

Researchers: (In Alphabetical Order)
Anand Sitaram, Postdoctoral Fellow
Jillian Sesar, PhD Student
Joe Hsu, Lab Assistant II
Maite Sabalza, Postdoctoral Scholar
Melanie Miller, Staff Research Associate
Raffi V. Aroian, Principal Investigator
Sam Pan, Infections Disease Research Fellow
Sandy Chang, Masters Student
Yan Hu, Assistant Project Scientist

Christina Gee, Undergraduate Support
Dan Huerta, Undergraduate Researcher
James Lui, Undergraduate Researcher
Lillian Chen, Undergraduate Support
Tammy Tran, Undergraduate Support
Thanh Thanh Nguyen, Undergraduate Support
Will Chen, Undergraduate Researcher

Alan Kelleher, Lab Manager
Annie Yu, Undergraduate Support
Arash Safavi, Masters Student
Audrey Bellier, Postdoctoral Scholar
Balasubramani Venkatasamy, Visiting Scientist
Brian Ellis, Postdoctoral Scholar
Cheng-Yuan Kao, Postdoctoral Scholar
Chris Ha, Web Guru
Christine Feng, Undergraduate Student
Ferdinand Los, PhD Student
Jessica Daggett, Undergraduate Support
Khanh Huynh, Undergraduate Student
Kristie Woo, Undergraduate Researcher
Mireille Kamariza, Undergraduate Student
Sidney Perez, Undergraduate Student
Sophia Georghiou, Masters Student
Tanner Kim, Undergraduate Researcher
Ulrike Scheib, Masters Student
Vishal Somvanshi, Postdoctoral Scholar
Ying Yiu, Undergraduate Researcher